About the Journal

Jurnal Penelitian Farmasi Indonesia (JPFI) is a periodical scientific publication published twice a year (June and December). This journal receives a script of original article, case study, and review article within the scope of pharmacy studies, and uses a peer-review system in paper selection. The published manuscript is the result of a selection that has been approved by the editorial board and has never been published in another publication. The scope of this journal including:

  1. Biologi Farmasi/Farmasi Bahan Alam/Kimia Bahan Alam
  2. Farmakologi
  3. Farmasi Klinik
  4. Teknologi Farmasi
  5. Kimia Farmasi
  6. Kimia Medisinal
  7. Sintesa Obat
  8. dan bidang ilmu lain yang berhubungan dengan kefarmasian dan kesehatan

ISSN 2302-187X          e-ISSN 2656-3614