Isolasi Senyawa dan Uji Aktivitas Anti-inflammasi Ekstrak Metanol Daun Puwar Kincung (Nicolaia speciosa Horan)


  • Penelitian Farmasi Indonesia


Antiinflammation, Nicolaia speciosa, puwar kincung, Zingiberaceae


The study of anti-inflammatory activity and isolation of the methanolic extract, hexane and ethyl acetate fractions of the leaves of puwar
kincung (Nicolaia speciosa Horan) have been done. Isolation was carried out by extraction, fractionation and multiple column chromatographic
method, followed by recrystallization technique. Two compounds were isolated and labeled as F4 and S3. F4 was derived from n-hexane
fraction as yellowish-white crystals (20 mg) with mp. 55–57oC and S3 from the ethyl acetate fraction (15 mg) as yellow crystals with mp.
68–69oC. Anti-inflammatory activity of methanolic extract using Paw Edema method showed that the dose 250 and 1000mg/kgbw were
active as anti inflammatory agents.