Evaluasi Switch Therapy Antibiotik pada Pasien Pneumonia di RSUP Dr. M. Djamil Padang


  • Sondang Khairani S.Farm., M.Farm., Apt Universitas Pancasila


Antibiotic,Community-Acquired Pneumonia, Dr. M. Djamil Public Hospital in Padang, Switch Therapy


The ideal route of administration for any medication is one that achieves serum concentration sufficient to produce the desired effect without
producing undesired effect. Patients may be concidered candidates for switching from intravenous to oral therapy once the patient has shown clinical
improvement and is medically stable. Purpose of this study is the evaluation of selection antibiotics and timeliness to switch therapyfrom iv to oral
antibiotics therapy.
A prospective observation study, data were collected from all hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia at internal medicine
department and respiratory care department at Dr. M. Djamil Public Hospital in Padang Indonesia from September until November 2013received
antibioticswitchtherapy. Objective criteria were used to define time to switch therapy. Result showed, 49 patients fulfill inclusive criteria in this
research, 41 patients from internal medicine department and 8 patients from respiratory care department. All use ceftriaxone intravena, but 32 (65%)
patients wrong in switched to oral therapy antibiotics, where 23 to cefixime, 7 to azithromycin, 1 to cefadroxyl and 1 to amoxcillin + clavulanic acid.
Only 17 patients (35%) with prompt conversion of intravena antibiotic therapy to oral, 12 to ciprofloxacin and 5 to levofloxacin, only 12 patients right
in time to conversion intravena to oral antibiotics, with time to switch therapy was the fifth days. 49 patients have been discharged in goodcondition
and doctor's approval.


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