Publication Ethics

To publish articles in the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Research Journal (JPFI), editors, writers and reviewers have the following obligations:


  1. The editorial team has full responsibility to publish JPFI in accordance with the specified period.
  2. The editorial team is responsible for accepting or rejecting articles submitted to JPFI


  1. Reviewers consist of researchers who are experts in their fields and have been appointed by a team of editors.
  2. Reviewers are required to keep information about the author's data from the articles they correct.
  3. Reviewers should provide an objective assessment of the articles submitted to them.
  4. The reviewer must make an assessment within the time specified by the editorial team.


  1. Authors must submit articles that are original, free of plagiarism and have not been published in other journals or are being submitted to other journals.
  2. Authors must include articles written according to the template provided.
  3. Authors must use relevant and relevant references